November 20, 2018

People love Bread

Post by Christine Ray Fain

Food is what you put into your mouth accompanied by bread. So versatile and delicious, this millennial companion links us to almost all the people of the world, despite their different diets, and at the same time massages our cravings and nourishes us. Is not it wonderful?Who could not eat bread? Well, even if you do not believe it, there are people who have stopped eating it because of unfounded myths.

Traditions of respect for bread existed from ancient times among different nations and passed down from generation to generation. For example, for people in Greece, bread is not just a product, but also the part of their homeland. A Greektable is unthinkable without this product. People say that a person will not sit at the table if there is no bread on it.

Virtually every country has its own traditions associated with the production and consumption of bread. For example, in Italy, this product is not produced on an industrial scale. To this day, it is baked in family bakeries. The reserve of baking is considered the south of the country.

At every corner, you can find small bakeries, the owners of which treat their work with special trepidation, pass on bread recipes from generation to generation. In Italy, there are many varieties of bread, very different in technology: bruschetta, focaccia, banana, and many others. This is the love for bread among the Italians.

It is also very difficult to name the exact number of types of bakery products produced in Germany. German bakers prepare bread with all sorts of additives: carrot, potato, cabbage, with olives, nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc. Each city has its own traditional products, and almost every day there are new “fashionable” ones. In recent years, dietary types of bread with reduced calorie content have become the most popular in Germany and people absolutely love it.

In France, one of the most important stores is the bakery. Bread is baked twice a day. A typical bakery assortment includes French delicacies such as croissants, chocolate buns, and brioche. According to French law, even the smallest village must be provided with fresh bread daily.Talk about the love of different nations for bread can be infinite. Only a few do not eat this product.You can consume it at any time of the day, at any age, in any mood. It makes the rest of the food tastier and people consider it the main cause of good digestion.

If someone offers you chocolate and bread, you can eat a small amount of chocolate, but you will give preference to bread in large quantities. The taste of the bread explains the people’s love for it. It is indeed a great food product containing a large number of substances valuable to the body in the energy aspect.The love of bread is omnipresent in the whole world. Bread is the best thing in this world; it serves many purposes. You can eat it with a variety of foods and make many recipes. In a nutshell, bread is love.